Margaret, twenty one

new york city student
from south florida

(╥﹏╥ )
this is me!!
and this is me in action

the best is yet to come
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Eileen Wilson — I Won’t Cry Anymore (1951)

Though you are the one love
That my arms are longing for,
This is goodbye—
I won’t cry anymore

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Mozart, Piano Quartet No.2 in E♭, K493, 2 : Larghetto

Walter Klien, Amadeus Quartet


In Hannibal 2.06 “Futamono” - Dinner with Abel Gideon

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i wish i was with you all of the time 

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"All I want in life is a little bit of love to take the pain away" 

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sorry for deleting yesterday, this one is better quality.

new music from me

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barbara “si la photo est bonne”

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Dear Nora - Since You Went Away

Hearts A Mess by Gotye

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I wanna hurry home to you
Put on a slow, dumb show for you and crack you up
So you can put a blue ribbon on my brain
God, I’m very, very frightening, I’ll overdo it

Aw. I like this cover

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My life’s made of misery. Misery’s a part of me.
I gave up my soul, then my heart grew cold.
Now I cry my song of despair.

Misery, stay away from me. Misery, please let me be.
I don’t want no part of a broken heart.
Won’t you listen to my plea?

Days go by, still I cry. Won’t my heart ever learn?
Thoughts of you follow me everywhere that I turn.

Oh, misery, oh, let me be. Life’s so cold. What’s left for me?
There’s a reason why day and night I cry.
'Cause I'll die with my misery.

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Lily Allen - L8 CMMR.


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